Nokonoshima Island

Fukuoka city is located in Hakata Bay and has many different islands to explore. On the weekend we went to Nokonoshima island, a ten minute ferry ride from the mainland. A small island, it’s most famous for a flower park and the view of Fukuoka city.

We ate a decicious burger, had a wonderful strawberry shake and then rented bikes to go to the park. The park is on the top of island’s hill, and so we got super cool racing bikes. Well… some of us did.

I got this bike.

The park was beautiful. Full of nice flowers and playground equipment. Also, for some strange reason, goats and bunny rabbits!

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Japan’s weird food: Chocolate Snacks Edition

Japan is home to many weird and fantastic snacks. The most famous is probably Pocky, pretzels dipped in Chocolate.

Pocky’s counterpoint is Toppo, pretzel filled with chocolate.20110426-110223.jpg

My favourite are these Koala bears filled with Chocolate. Each has a different pose and accessory. They also come in Strawberry and Cheesecake flavour.

On the weirder side you have these: Chocolate covered cookies shaped like Bamboo shoots.

Or these: Chocolate covered cookies shaped like mushrooms.



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Teaching in Japan

When Daniel Radcliffe exits the car at 1:00 and approaches the school, you can see a small bit of what my work life is here in Japan.



That’s right, my job in Japan is half teaching, half being a celebrity!

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Live Volcano!

View of Sakurajima, a volcano that explodes over 700 times a year, from the Kagoshima aquarium.

Japan is an interesting place for a geography nerd!

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Mojiko, the last railway stop on Kyushu, used to be a major international trading port. As a result it is full of beautiful old neo-renaissance buildings, such as this railway station, built in 1914.


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Ms. Genki

I feel like this a lot. I assume it’s because of the caffeine I consume, so I’m not sure about her. (The ad is for caffeine free tea)


I wish people would join in on my random street dancing and singing….


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