Cherry Blossoms and my Schools

Cherry blossom trees surround many schools in Japan, and both my schools have an abundance. Opening ceremonies for the new school year are in early April, and coincide with the blooming of the trees.

This is Omuta Kita (North Omuta) High School, where I spend Monday, Tuesday and Friday.


Yamato (which literally translates as mountain gates) high school, where I teach on Wednesday and Thursday.

We have really been enjoying the cherry blossom season, and I will be sad to see it end!

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Japanese National Anthem

In Japanese High Schools, we sing the national anthem, Kimigayo, only at important school ceremonies and sporting events, and I have not heard it often.

Last week we had three such important school ceremonies, and I asked one of the teachers what the lyrics mean.

Kimigayo: rough translation
‘May your reign last a thousand, no, eight thousand generations, for the length of time needed for a pebble to grow to a large rock and be covered in moss’

How poetic and Japanese.

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