How to make coffee: Japanese style

So you’re at the office and need a morning coffee. The vending machine and its canned coffee is too far away, you hate instant coffee and the school has no coffee maker… what do you do?

Easy. Just make yourself some Japanese style individual sized drip coffee.


1. Get a package like this one. As a foreigner it is one of the many weekly gifts I have received from the amazing Japanese staff.


2. Put the container on your cup


3. Fill your cup with hot water from the ubiquitous hot water keeper


4. Toss the container in the food waste bin in the sink. Not the garbage, never the garbage, unless you want a crew of concerned looking Japanese ladies to explain the garbage sorting process to you in excruciating detail every time you walk near the garbage. Also not for the garbage? Banana peels, apple cores, and leftover rice.


5. Yum!



Seriously the staff gives me so many gifts! Today alone I received that coffee, two cookies, two snacks, some grapes and that sweet Yamato High School graduation 2006 mug!



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Japan’s Weird Food: Oden

I suppose Oden would actually be classified as a kind of food rather than a food itself. Eggs, fish cakes, gluten tubes, tofu, konnyaku and daikon radish are stewed in dashi broth. The result is greyish versions of those foods.

The weird part about them is that these are served in convenience stores. At 7-11, Lawson or Family Mart, you can find a big pot of Oden next to the fried chicken stand. I have never been brave enough to request an item from there, but I did try an Oden fish cake at a restaurant once. Verdict? Meh.

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