Japan’s weird food: KitKats

Strange flavoured KitKats were one of the strange foods I had heard of before arriving in Japan.  It was still a shock when we saw soy sauce flavoured KitKats in the Tokyo airport. Using our ten dollar voucher from an apology for a flight delay  we picked some up. Not everyone liked them, but I thought they tasted like maple syrup.

Flavours vary by region, so you can’t get them everywhere. OUr regions specialty is yuzu and chili. Some other flavours I have tried: citrus, chili, soy sauce, cherry, white and dark chocolate, wasabi, green tea and sweet potato.

Some flavours I know to exist but have not yet tried include: aloe, blueberry, miso, edamame, plum and custard.

Oh Japan. So full of delicious and amazing surprises.



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