Festival Season!

The rainy season is finally over, and that means it’s time for my personal favourite! Festivals! There is a festival to attend every weekend around here, and if you’re adventurous, you can probably find one to attend every night during the week too.  While festival season technically coincides with ‘summer’ and you do have to put up with a lot of heat and humidity to attend them, they are certainly worth it.

A student drew me this picture of Yukata, the traditional festival wear for women. I am going Yukata shopping soon, and assuming I can find one that fits, will be wearing it to all future festivals! I think my clumsy self will be skipping the wooden sandals though.

Every town has at least one major summer festival, with food booths, dancing, games, and a fireworks display. I love the atmosphere at festivals, and the fireworks put every Canada Day celebration I’ve attended to shame, but the real standout is the food. Okonomiyaki, yakitori (grilled meat), yakisoba (grilled noodles), fried chicken, and tacoyaki (fried doughy balls full of octopus) are cheap and delicious. For dessert my favourite is Taiyaki – a pancake shaped like a fish and filled with custard or chocolate.

This poster is for the Setaka fireworks festival. Each of these men is on the planning committee. I think it’s the most hilarious poster.

Today I will be attending Yamakasa – an ancient festival in Fukuoka city where mostly naked men run around pulling carts and getting splashed with water at 5 am. Next week I am going to a fireworks festival and a dragon festival! Bring on the shaved ice and the okonomiyaki!

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