The Great Australian Road Trip

Tomorrow is our last day with our dear Spaceship van… Excaliber. Like all our other spaceships, it’s had its problems, but it’s carried us faithfully all 2,500 km from Cairns to Sydney with many diversions in between. We’re sad to say goodbye to this van and to the caravanning lifestyle we’ve been living for the last month and a half, but it’s time to move on to city living! Caravanning lifestyle, if you’re wondering, involves waking up at 6, driving, going to beaches, seeing giant sculptures of fruit, taking ridiculous photos, making sandwiches, hiking, driving, cooking pasta on the side of your van and going to bed at 7 in the middle of nowhere. It’s been nice. 

Despite driving for what seems like forever, we have only covered a small portion of Australia, and I can’t wait to come back and see more. One benefit of settling down for a while is increased access to internet, so I will probably be posting more regularly from now on!

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