Big things…

The roadside of Australia is covered with strange big things. Our map pointed them out as we went along, a big banana, big lobster, big pineapple, big lawn mower, big bull, big bowl, and other ridiculous monuments to nothing. Our favourite was the big pineapple, which had a whole complex built around it, but was shut down in bankruptcy earlier this year, and had a big fence around it – do not enter!

We did manage to see a few big things up close.

The big banana had a store full of banana themed objects, a banana restaurant, a banana slide, an ice skating rink and a puppet shop.

Our other success was the big mango. It was disconcertingly alone on the side of the highway, but it was big!

We kept our eye out, but apparently missed a lot of big things between Cairns and Sydney, but we will have a car again in Melbourne, and I’ve heard good things about the big lobster…

I love this country!

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