Last New Years!

I miss you family!

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Scott’s Head

Another excursion to a place with a sweet name!

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Australia’s Weird Food: Kangaroo

When we were on the Great Ocean Road, we stayed for three days at a villa that we had found on Groupon for a great price. It had an amazing view, a comfortable bed, and best of all, a kitchen and a BBQ. The perfect time to finally try some Kangaroo! It was so nice to cook for ourselves on a real stove, so we went all out. Here’s our meal, with Kangaroo kebabs and sausages.
The Kangaroo was delicious and so tender. It was also the cheapest meat in the grocery store! Kangaroo is something I would definitely eat again next time I’m in Australia.


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Philippines!

Three Sisters

The Blue Mountains near Sydney provide some of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen. This is of the the three sisters in Katoomba. You can climb down some stairs and up to the middle of the first sister. Those were some scary stairs.

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Japan’s weird food: Ryokan meals, Kaiseki

Last winter I went with Scott and my parents to a Ryokan in Kurokawa, Kagoshima. Kurokawa is a tourist town for mostly Japanese tourists, and is full of onsen, hot spring baths. It is very traditional and is every bit as picturesque as you would imagine a small town in the mountains of Japan would look like. Our ryokan, a traditional Japanese hotel, had several onsen on it’s property, including one next to a waterfall and one in a cave.
At ryokan, they bring your meal to you in your room, and it’s at least 17 courses of traditional Japanese food. First came sashimi and some traditional appetizers.  Basashi, two hot pots, a grilled fish and some oden followed.
A chestnut, some ginger, shrimp, snail, red bean and a plum.

The food was absolutely amazing and so beautifully presented.

Sashimi, tempura, grilled fish, and a hot pot of beef and vegetables with cheese.

Of all the places we visited in Japan, Kurokawa in the winter is number one on my list of places to revisit. It was absolutely magical.

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