An entirely pleasant and cheap day in Dunedin.

Our first stop on the South Island tour was Dunedin, proclaimed in our guidebook as “the Edinburgh of New Zealand”. I don’t know about that, but it was a lovely town. It was our first day testing out our trip motto “see as much as possible while spending as little as possible”, and I think it was a success. We spent most of the day enjoying free activities in Dunedin and it’s surrounding area. We skipped the Cadbury Chocolate factory and it’s ridiculous $18/adult admission, the Brewery $23/pp and the castle $27/pp, and confined ourselves to walking around.

We spent the day in Dunedin enjoying the quaint atmosphere, eating lunch at a lovely cafe, and then taking a drive out the peninsula to see Albatrosses and a beautiful view. After our delicious shared lunch we walked to the railway station, a beautiful building on the edge of the downtown, where site-seeing trains still leave daily.

Our favourite part of Dunedin was Baldwin street, the steepest residential street in the world as recognized by Guinness world records. Apparently the street’s steepness is due to the fact that Dunedin, along with many other colonial towns, was planned in a grid pattern by designers in England who had never seen the terrain of the area. Rising from the main street at a moderately steep slope, Baldwin street quickly picks up the pace until it reaches a slope of 1:2.6.  After we had climbed up and carefully made our way back down, declining to purchase the “I climbed Baldwin street” certificate for $2, we celebrated and pitied the people who live on the top.

The most amazing part for me was that while Baldwin street may, by some small margin be the steepest, all the streets in the area are ridiculously steep, which make me glad I am not a driver in Dunedin.

After our wonderful and almost entirely free day, we headed into our trusty campervan, Blackhole, and started driving to the Caitlins, a conservation park. It was our first attempt to find a Department of Conservation campsite, which turned out to be quite the adventure.

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