Scenes from Koh Lanta

After Koh Lipe we spent a week on Koh Lanta, a three hour boat ride away. It was longer than we had planned but Scott and I both came down with some food poisoning and had to extend our stay. Our days were full of swimming pools, banana shakes, walks on the beach and massages. Compared to Lipe, Lanta is very developed with a little town, a major road down the center, and many beach resort areas. We spent the first night in a little hut that wasn’t technically open for the season, and moved to a hotel with a swimming pool for me and air conditioning for Scott. One of Scott’s friends came from Canada to join us on Koh Lanta, and while Scott was sick we got massages, went snorkelling and to an underwater cave and while I was sick he enjoyed drinking fancy coffees with Scott. My absolutely favourite part about Lanta was the wonderful cooking course I took on my birthday.

Although I won’t be rushing back to Lanta, whose beaches are not as beautiful or uncrowded as many other thai islands, and whose size made it difficult to get around with renting a scooter, it was really a lovely  and cheap place to relax!



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Thailand’s Weird Food: Thai Pancakes

These ubiquitous pancakes are made of a thin dough, deep fried in oil and butter, and served with whatever topping and stuffing your heart desires. The most popular is banana and chocolate, but at most restaurants you can get any fruit or sauce. They cost anywhere between 50 cents and a dollar, and are absolutely delicious. Every morning on Koh Lipe we picked up a banana nutella pancake and shake from a little booth for a total of $4. They also make excellent post-bar food, and are available from carts on most Thai islands.

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Our favourite Thai Island: Koh Lipe

My memory of arriving on Koh Lipe will always be that of landing in paradise.  Our packed speedboat from the mainland pulled up between the long tail boats and we jumped into the knee deep crystal blue water and I never wanted to leave. Lipe is a small island, with no real roads or vehicles, just a lot of bungalows and a walking street lined with pancake stalls, massage parlours, and cafes. We received a tip to come here from our diving instructor in Malaysia, otherwise we may never have even heard of this gorgeous island.

We had originally planned to stay here for 4 days and do a couple days of scuba diving, but we extended our stay as long as possible, staying until the last day of low season pricing at our gorgeous resort. We stayed and dived with Castaway resorts, and I can’t recommend them more highly.  Our hut was right on the beach, cost $25 a night, and was absolutely gorgeous. It even had two wonderful hammocks on the porch.

When we weren’t Scuba diving or sitting in our hammocks, we found a nice coffee shop, enjoyed cheap massages and pedicures, watched fire dancing on the beach, got lost barefoot on the many island paths, went swimming, and read many many books.

Of all the islands we have visited on our trip, Lipe remains our favourite and I can’t wait until we return someday.

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