Earthquake and Tsunami

It’s been a few days since the earthquake and tsunami that have devastated the northeast of Japan. I have been touched by all the supportive messages and phone calls. Thank you! The situation in Fukuoka is still normal. We have not been directly affected by the earthquake or tsunami, or power outages or food shortages.

We are continuing to monitor the situation at the nuclear power plants, but right now I’m not worried. For one thing we are living very far away from that area. I know Japan seems pretty small, but Fukuoka is over 1,400 km from the affected area, Tohoku. Right now people are understandably worried about their friends and relatives living in the north.

Some of our graduating students were in Tokyo at the time of the earthquake, and had to spend the night at Tokyo Disney Land. Fortunately they all made it home safely. Donation sites have been set up all over the country, at train stations and at schools to collect money for tsunami relief.

To donate from outside of Japan please visit the red cross:

We continue to receive updates from the Canadian government and our contracting organization in Kyushu, so I am feeling pretty well informed even if I can’t follow Japanese news.


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