Facing our (my) fears

We’ve done a lot of scary things this trip, not the least of which are the upwards of 15 flights we’ve taken so far, but the first non airplane one was scuba diving. We were given a free dive for booking last minute on our sailing boat in the whitsundays, but I almost didn’t go through with it. First of all there was an intimidating questionnaire which you can not answer yes to a single of their very comprehensive questions. One of the girls on our boat was disqualified for her childhood asthma. After filling out the sheet, mostly truthfully, we were given an extremely short lesson on scuba diving gear, learned about the regulator, how to find it if it falls out, and how to clear our mask. We learned the two most important rules of scuba diving – always breathe, and don’t forget to equalize.

Then we were off. I was nervous as I got into the tiny boat, scared as the instructor pulled me backwards into the water, and terrified as we practiced losing our regulator and filling up our mask with water.

As soon as we started swimming, all my fears disappeared.

It was amazing.

I’ve always been a big water person and could swim for hours. When we were kids my brother, sister and I would spend all day swimming, holding our breath and looking for old tires on the bottom of lakes, pushing water balloons as far as they could go, and catching them before the floated back up, rolling around in canoes and kayaks, and so on.

Now I could stay under forever! Well, atleast for 45 minutes.
 It was incredible. I felt weightless, despite the weight belt, and after a few moments of “I shouldn’t be able to breathe underwater” panicking, it felt completely natural. Immediately after we surfaced, Scott and I looked at each other and said “We’re doing that again!” A week later we had signed up to get our scuba certification in Malaysia.


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