Fraser Island

One of the must stops down the east coast of Australia is Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world. Not wanting to miss out, we took a one day 4 wheel drive trip.
The truck picked us up and took the ferry over to the island. Right away, we struck gold and saw a wild dingo!

The jeep took us over to the island on a ferry, and then down the beach until we got to Lake MacKenzie, a lake that is fed only by an underground aquifer and rain. It was absolutely wonderful to swim in, especially after swimming in salt water.  It has the same silica based sand as on whitehaven beach. We spent some time swimming and lying on the silica beach before heading to the rainforst. We were amazed that trees so tall could grow right out of the sand! Next we headed to the  wreck of the Maheno, a ship that sunk offshore in 1935.
After washing ashore, the still intact ship was used as a location for weddings and other parties before WWII, when the Australian air force used as a target for bombing drills. Now it is half destroyed and all rusted out, and a stop on all standard tours. It was fascinating.
On the way back we stopped for a swim in a small creek halfway down the island. This was my favourite part of the trip. The current in shady stream was so strong that you could let it push you, and we had a few races with the other people on our tour.  The water was amazingly pure and clean.
Before we headed back to Airlie, we stopped and did something that I had previously sworn I would never do, but more on that later.

What a great day!

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