Sleeping in an internet cafe

Many Japanese people rely on public transportation, but also work/party very late and often miss the last train. Luckily there are a lot of options for people who can’t make it home. Capsule hotels are popular and cheap, but usually for men only. Another option is the Internet Cafe. Popular with the young, the cheap, and the drunk, internet cafes advertise their rates by hour and by night.

On our trip to Kokura, we had no place to stay, so we hit up an internet cafe. For about $15 we each got a small room to ourselves for 9 hours.

The room had a chair, a computer and a foot stool. WE also got access to blankets, pillows and a lot of Manga.

There was an unlimited supply of vending machine coffee and coke, and a sweet massage chair.

It wasn’t comfortable, but it was interesting.


*sorry for the bad pictures, they’re from my phone.

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