Japan’s Weird Food: Kaiten Sushi

I should really call this feature Japan’s Awesome Food, because once I finished with Konnyaku, Oden, Natto and Mentaiko, it’s all been amazing!

The Sushi comes around on a moving belt

Especially amazing is Kaiten Sushi – conveyor belt sushi. There is a restaurant in almost every town.

You pick what you like

There is no language barrier, because you pick what you like off the conveyor.  And each plate usually only costs about $1!

such as delicious Ikura

Delicious, cheap, fast and easy, I will miss it when I move back to Canada.

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4 Responses to Japan’s Weird Food: Kaiten Sushi

  1. Denise says:

    Your blog makes me hungry 🙂

  2. Giulia says:

    Wow! I would have a ton of that right now:) When are you moving back to Canada?
    I moved back to Italy today after 9 months in Egypt and I understand how hard it can be 🙁
    Giulia recently posted..Moving out

    • Heather says:

      Thanks! We are leaving Japan in August, and I think I will miss the food most of all. Luckily, we are doing some travelling before returning to Canada, so lots more interesting food to try.

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