Japan’s Weird Food: Natto

Natto. A word that would send shivers down the spine of many who know of it’s existence. A deeply devisive food, along the lines of olives or tomatoes. The first Japanese food I have tried that I really disliked. Eugh. Natto

Natto is fermented soy beans. Yes, fermented soy beans. These beans can be eaten plain, or mixed with rice or wrapped in seaweed. When eaten plain you mix it with a sauce until, according to a natto loving friend of mine, ‘it becomes frothy’. The grossest words ever spoken about a food.

I had my first experience with Natto last night. Immediately after opening the package I noticed a distinct smell of feet. This is always a sign you should stay away from a food, I think, when it’s smell reminds you of your stinky sweaty feet. After you get some on your chopsticks/fork, you have to spin them like you are eating spaghetti to get rid of the strings of who knows what that connects the beans. Eugh. Natto.


There is a lot of weird food here, but I would contend that Natto is the weirdest, most foul and should be avoided.

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