Nagasaki Peace Park

On our trip to Nagasaki, one place we all wanted to go was to see the A-bomb memorial museum and peace park.

The museum itself was an extremely sad and moving place. Immediately after entering, you see a reconstructed area of town immediately after the bombing. Artifacts such as clocks stopped at 11:02 and buildings with shadows of people burned on to them line the walls.  After an exhibit of the many horrible effects of the atomic bomb, there is a hall dedicated to information on the decelopment of the atomic and hydrogen bombs and nuclear testing around the world..

Standing at the hypocentre was a surreal experience. The city and land have changed so much in the last 65 years that it’s hard to imagine it being the same devastated place shown in the museum.

It’s difficult to put into words what it looks and feels like there, so here are some photos:


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