Olympic Dreams in Beijing

Our first day Beijing we did not go to Tiananmen square, or to the Forbidden City, or even to the Summer Palace. No, we went to the Olympic Park. Ok, so maybe our sightseeing priorites were out of wack, but we had so much fun!

The instant we stepped off the subway we were hit by strong winds blowing the infamous Chinese ‘yellow dust’. Although we were 500m away from the Bird’s Nest stadium, we could barely see it! We whipped our our Umbrellas to shield ourselves, and noticed that a sweet photo opportunity awaited us.

Shortly after this photo was taken, one umbrella lost its head to the wind, and it went flying directly into a small child. Luckily no one was injured, and the umbrella lived on for more pictures.

We walked to the Bird’s Nest, but due to concert preparation we could not get in. We did not figure this out very soon though, and had to walk around the entire stadium before we noticed no doors were open. No matter, more photo oppurtunities!


After this grueling morning of subway riding and walking, we stopped by the food tent in the Olympic park, which was amazing. You could put money on a card and use it all this different booths along a long tent. I spent all my money on dumplings (and some raspberry gelato).

We headed to the Water Cube after lunch.

For about 10 dollars you can get into the watercube and for 10 dollars more you could go to the sweet waterpark they’ve built inside it.

We just checked out the Olympic and warm up pools – where there was an episode of the Amazing Race – and headed out again.

I’m glad I got the chance to see these iconic buildings, but mostly glad I got to eat dumplings… Dumplings!



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