Shimonoseki: Sushi Heaven

Shimonoseki, a town on the coast of Yamaguchi prefecture is famous for one thing. Sushi.

On the coast of Shimonoseki, between Honshu and Kyushu, is a gigantic fish market full of sushi stands. You walk up, pick out some sushi and eat it right there. So fresh and delicious.

We visited the Kaiten, conveyor belt, sushi restaurant above the market, which is so popular that it often has a line several hours long.

Particularly famous in Shimonoseki is blowfish, or fugu.

So famous that images of blowfish adorn the sewer covers,

the outside of stores,

and the sake bottles.

I ate a little fugu, in tempura form. Yum!

How to: Take the JR train to Mojiko Station and then cross the street for the ferry to Shimonoseki which lands you on the boardwalk of the market. Alternatively switch trains at Kokura and take the JR to Shimonoseki station, and walk to the market.

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