Skiing in Hiroshima

In January I went with my friends Tanya and Rachel to a ski resort in Hiroshima: Mizuho highlands. We took an overnight bus from Fukuoka, and arrived at 7am. I had heard that skiing wasn’t too great here, and that if wanted real skiing we should head much further north, so I wasn’t expecting much.

Let’s just say this was no Blue Mountain. It was real mountain. Certainly larger than anything I have skied, with the possible exception of Mont Tremblant or family trips to Vermont long ago.

Needless to say, I was a little nervous when I looked at the size of the slope and then saw the state of our rental equipment. We had rented straight from the bus line, and they clearly took the ski hill’s retired equipment!

Overcoming lack of sleep with some canned coffee, we made our way on to the hill. One scary gondola ride later…

we were at the top and immediately covered in wet falling snow!

The skiing was lovely, the freshest powder I’ve ever seen, and the scenery was beautiful, trees covered in snow and great views of the surrounding mountains!

It was a great day, despite the ancient equipment, no sleep, and the fact that I am a huge chicken when it comes to skiing.

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  1. Kathie says:

    Hi Heather! Just stumbled on your blog and wanted to ask a quick question – I’m actually going to Fukuoka next January with my boyfriend and we are interested in doing skiing in the area. We’ll be flying in from Taiwan where we live.

    I’ve heard that Hiroshima is the closest place to do it but it’s been tough finding info otherwise (so very glad I found your post!). Do you have any idea what the best way to do skiing in Hiroshima is – for example how to get there from Fukuoka and where to stay if we want to spend 2-3 nights?

    Thanks so much and hope all is well in Fukuoka!

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