South Island Road Trip

After much consideration, Scott and I decided that the only proper way to see New Zealand was to rent a campervan and tour ourselves around. We rented a spaceship for most of the month of August, capitalizing on the cheap winter and pre-world cup prices. We assumed that since we were Canadian we could handle whatever weather New Zealand winter threw at us. We were completely unprepared for a storm so intense that we were forced to spend nearly 48 hours in the Auckland airport waiting for our flight to Christchurch. When we finally arrived in Christchurch we found about 5 cm of snow on the ground and had a good laugh at the extreme weather we had been hearing about.

After 2 days relaxing and warming up with some family friends,we picked up our slightly dodgy looking vehicle, whose back left hubcap only made it about 1km into our journey, and started our trip!

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It took us 13 days to complete our south island itinerary, and even us hardy Canadians were quite chilly at night.  We saw glaciers, fjords, beautiful lakes, quaint towns, rock formations and other things which made my geography nerd self quite happy.

What a wonderful country!

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