Last New Years!

I miss you family!

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Some Saga Fun

Maureen and I recently went to Saga to explore the town and cross it off our list of places to visit before leaving Japan. It was a lovely evening, and we had a nice tour of the castle and the many statues along the moat, with some delicious Indian food to finish it off. My favourite part was coming across these pipes at a children’s playground, where we reanacted some scenes from Mario.

Ok, so we both forgot how Mario looks when he comes out of the tunnel, but it was fun anyway!


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Canada Day!

It’s Canada day and to celebrate I’m spending most of the day studying for the Japanese proficiency test I foolishly signed up to take on July 3rd.

I wish I could be home and camping, but since I can’t, I am really looking forward to spending my first foreign Canada day eating Poutine  in Fukuoka at this promising party.

Fukuoka Now is an amazing local English magazine, and I think the editor is Canadian, so they are hosting a big party! They promised Canadian music and beer, so as long as it’s not Nickleback or Celine all night long, I’m sure it will be amazing!

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What’s that on your Fridge?

Purikura, or Print Club, is an extreme photo booth experience popular with high school girls and with me. Almost every girl in my school has purikura photos stuck all over their pencil cases, binders and even their rulers. Arcades, shopping malls, and even the dollar store have purikura booths and I have easily become addicted.

After you enter the booth, and deposit your 400 yen, you are given the option of making your skin darker, your eyes sparklier, and choosing the background. Each of these decisions is stressful, as the screen is in Japanese, and you are given a short time to make your choice. After taking your photos in front of a green screen, you can add writing, pictures, make up, accessories and hilarious english phrases to your pictures.

The pictures are printed off as stickers, and you can also send them to your cellphone, or add them to a display book on the machine.

I love Purikura and often coerce my friends into going with me so I can add to my excellent collection.

While I know there are a few booths in Canada, and it’s popular in other Asian countries, regular Purikura is definitely an activity I will miss when leave Japan.  However, it’s so ridiculous and Japanese, that it doesn’t really belong anywhere else.


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Ms. Genki

I feel like this a lot. I assume it’s because of the caffeine I consume, so I’m not sure about her. (The ad is for caffeine free tea)


I wish people would join in on my random street dancing and singing….


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Hanami: Partying Japanese Style

In the spring when the cherry blossoms bloom, Japanese people flock en mass to fields with cherry blossom trees, lay down a blanket, bust out the BBQ and enjoy Hanami – or cherry blossom viewing parties.

On Saturday the JET program had a social Hanami party at Kokura castle, in Kitakyushu.

At the bathroom we met some Japanese people who invited us to join their party. Since they had really cute children in Anpanman sweaters and a magician, we couldn’t say no.

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