Gorgeous South Island

A view from our campsite near Te Anau. Absolutely stunning. 

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Monkey Time on Iki

We recently made a trip to Iki island, off the coast of Nagasaki prefecture. The whole island is covered with monkey statues and rocks shaped like monkeys, and other monkey paraphernalia.

Here are some of my friends at a monkey shrine on the north end of the island! There were hundreds of iterations of these hear, speak and see no evil monkeys at the shrine. Also, there was a giant mukade, a poisonous cockroach.

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Last night we stayed up all night with the help of multiple canned coffees from 7/11 to watch hundreds of Japanese men (and a few children) pull floats around the town. We scored an excellent spot near a garbage pail of water that people were throwing on the participants, so we got nice and wet, which was seriously appreciated, considering how hot it was at 5 am.

We are off to visit an island for the long weekend but here’s a really cute picture! So excited for the beach!

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This couple at Nagasaki’s Sofukuji temple was so fashionable. I love her green skirt!

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At the Pearl Market

Alicia and I show off some of our purchases from the Pearl Market in Beijing.

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Hiroshima: A-bomb Dome

The Genbaku dome was left mostly intact after the bombing of Hiroshima, and is preserved as a poignant memorial.

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