Japanese bucket list

Two months ago, I sat down with my friend Maureen, and started dreaming up a list  of things we wanted to see before we left Japan. There are so many things we wanted to see and experience, we didn’t want to forget any!

Now that we only have two months left, I have been checking my list more and more often to make sure I get it all done!

Things I plan to do this month include: Firefly Festival, planting rice, going to a famous ramen restaurant and an onsen town, and seeing a gigantic buddha statue.

Things I may never be able to cross off – going to Tokyo, Nara, Osaka. I am running out of time and money to see these places, so they will probably be left for a return visit to Japan.

Japan Mind Map

Sure, it’s a little obsessive and anal.
Sure, making lists may take you out of the moment and may make you forget why you wanted to do those things in the first place.

But if feels so good to tick them off!

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Planning a trip to China!

It’s down time here at work, the students are all in exams, and I have only two more lessons per class until the end of February.  I probably should be using this time to study Japanese, but instead, I am planning a trip to China!

Yeah, that's right, I have a Barbapapa Schedule Book!

At the end of April, beginning of May, there are four national holidays in Japan, and they call this week ‘Golden Week’. For golden week we are going with some friends to China! So far on the itinerary:

Tiananmen Square

The Forbidden City

Olympic sites – Bird’s Eye Stadium!

The Great Wall

Terracotta Warriors

and of course, FOOD!

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