On being a muse

There are many wonderful things about teaching here. I get to design my own curriculum and lessons, the teachers I work with are so helpful, hardworking and nice, and there are very few essays to mark. 😉 The best thing about teaching in Japan though, is the students. Every day an interaction with a student makes me laugh. They are so lively and entertaining. I am the only foreign person most of them interact with, and I think they still see me as a novelty.

One of the amazing consequences of being different is that sometimes your super cute students will draw pictures of you! Here are but a few of the amazing depictions I’ve been given.

I told the students to draw anything they wanted. Most students drew sports equipment or Anpanman.

Me at my most Genki. I think they got the glasses just right.

This student drew me surrounded by students, ala Jesus and the little Children. Too cute.

This one is my favourite. I am on the left, between Doraemon and Anpanman. On the right is Hello Kitty, whose name in English the student tried in vain to spell many times before resorting to Japanese.


Ohhhh… life as an English teacher in Japan. Full of so many small joys!

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