Up to the Daintree

As we drove through New Zealand, Scott and I listened to Bill Bryson’s amazing book about travelling in Australia, “In a Sunburned Country”, and were inspired to make a trip north from Cairns to see the the rainforest and cape tribulation. After a few hours driving we reached the Daintree river, where we first realized how much money we were going to have to spend in Australia. The river is about 50m wide, an easily swimmable distance if it hadn’t been for the crocodiles, and is the only way into the national park. It costs $25 for a return ferry ticket.
 That said, it was the only thing we spent money on for the rest of the day, so it was worthwhile for the trip. The Daintree is an ancient rainforest, and going there really does feel like entering another world. We spend the day walking underneath giant trees, admiring waterfalls and keeping our eyes out for Cassowaries. We skipped the discovery centre in favour of the free walks near by, which I would definitely recommend.

We had planned to spend the night at the campground within the park, but it was full, and we were forced to cut our trip short. In a hurry to get back over the river before dark, we spent a little time for Cape Tribulation. It was named Tribulation by Captain Cook who ran aground near the cape in 1770.

We drove back out, managing not to hit any giant flightless birds, and to an amazing free campsite 30km south of the park.
We had a great day in the Daintree, and my only regret is not seeing any crocodiles. Well you have to save something for next time…

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  1. Karina says:

    You guys look great! Have fun with Bill! Please tell me you are going to see the giant rock/mountain in the middle of nowhere that he wrote about!

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